Materials and tools

Materials and tools

Discover our materials and tools Pamphlets, games, training, and more: we have all the tools you need to better understand and manage your disease. Certain resources provided here have been developed specifically for training healthcare professionals or for use in therapeutic education..

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Firefighter/mason labels

Recommended for healthcare professionals, the firefighter/mason labels identify the different tubes of topical treatments to help children become more independent and to make treatments easier to follow when the child sleeps away from home (holidays, shared custody arrangements, pajama parties, etc.) to ensure uninterrupted treatment.

Module Training

Recommended for healthcare professionals, Module Training is an educational program that provides information on how to treat atopic eczema.


The PO-SCORAD lets patients self-assess the severity of their atopic eczema and track its progression over time. The follow-up graphs can be shared with healthcare professionals to provide updates on the patient’s skin condition between visits. Available on iOS, Android, Mac and Windows.

The “Pericles’ journey” manga

This manga tells the story of a teenager with atopy, recounting his struggles to talk about his skin disease with his friends and times when he isolated himself in order to hide his skin. It also explores the role of the people around you. This manga explains the disease in a way that is suitable for pre-teens and adolescents (ages 10 and up).

Online “Eczema and the sun” game

This online game tests your knowledge of the good habits to adopt in case of sun exposure.

The online Goose game

A multimedia version of the Goose game helps teach patients about daily skin care habits.

Emotions cards

Recommended for healthcare professionals, this therapeutic education tool, referred to as “photo-expression”, is used to discuss patients’ depictions and experiences with this chronic disease. It is most useful in group sessions and is comprised of 42 cards highlighting the following themes: “What I’m feeling”: 15; “What I need” cards: 15; “What might help me” cards: 10 cards, developed in collaboration with the CHU Larrey atopy school in Toulouse.

The "How to apply an emollient” pamphlet

This leaflet explains how to apply an emollient in order to keep the various areas of the body hydrated when treating a child with eczema.

The “Hugo and his skin: how can I explain the condition to Hugo and his classmates?” pamphlet

This pamphlet helps explain what atopic eczema is in simple terms to school staff and students.

The "My child has eczema” pamphlet

Written by a doctor, this pamphlet is intended for parents of school-aged children with eczema. It may help to explain the disease to teachers and avoid marginalization at school.

The eczema book

Recommended for healthcare professionals, the e-book is an illustrated educational tool designed to provide easy-to-understand information about atopic eczema to parents and patients.